Commercial Custom Metal Fabrication

Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. operates and maintains a sheet metal shop. This helps all of our customers get the highest quality commercial custom metal flashings and copings available. We fabricate custom metal profiles of 24 gauge prefinished Kynar, stainless steel, aluminum and glavanized steel. If you are replacing your degraded commercial roof we ensure the edges and details of your roof are completed to the same high quality and your new roofing system. This is because we use the highest quality pre-finished steel. We also fabricate metal profiles for any project with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Even if you are located outside of Colorado Frontier Roofing Systems is happy to ship your custom fabricated metal anywhere within the United States.

Commercial Custom Metal

Repair completion on the Sheraton cap metal in Denver Colorado

We fabricate the following commercial custom metal:


  • Copings
  • Counter Flashings
  • Collector Heads
  • Pipe Flashings
  • Ventilation Hoods
  • Fascias
  • Chimney Caps
  • Sill Flashings
  • Siding and Soffits
  • Restaurant Sneeze Guards
  • Edge Metals
  • Any custom metal profile.
Cap Metal Fabrication - Commercial Custom Metal

Cap Metal Fabrication

Coping Metals - Commercial Custom Metal

Ensure you receive the highest quality fabricated metal. Your commercial custom metal is where your roof begins and ends.

Sheet Metal Costs

Use this form to find out how much custom fabricated metal will cost.

How to use the form:

  1. Determine the stretch of metal required. This is the total width of the metal needed. This form only calculates 10 foot length of metal. We will have to quote you on special lengths. Find the stretch under the column heading of S.O. (inches) and input the following data in the correct field.
  2. The number of actions required. This is the number of cuts, bends and flattening required to produce the metal.
  3. Insert the quantity of 10 foot sticks needed to complete the order. Make sure you add enough for your waste. This includes overlaps and small pieces that will not be used due to cutting waste.

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