Commercial Roofing Contractor

  • Centennial Airport - Ballasted EPDM
  • Duro-Last PVC Roof
  • Lockheed
  • Gardens
  • Standing Seam
  • TPO Roof
  • Sarnafil Nabisco Plant - PVC Roof
  • Littleton High
  • Rocky Flats
  • Shingles Installed on Mansard


Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. installs the highest quality Commercial Roofing systems. We are an approved applicator for many commercial products, like Versico and Duro-Last. Our word to you is quality. This comes through with every roof and product installation. We provide the highest quality for lasting installations. Our employees are professionally trained and many have hands-on experience. We ensure they do the job right the first time.

Most of the roofing work Frontier Roofing Systems has done has been local. The majority of our work is located right here in Colorado. There are a couple projects we have done outside this state. One project came from the USGS. They requested us to build a geomagnetic observatory. Because we are in Colorado that’s where we put together the observatory. Once it was finished it was placed in a shipping container and sent to Siberia. This is where it was installed for use. Another project outside of the states was located in the United States Territory of Guam. This was a typical roof installation with a 90 mil white EPDM membrane. This single-ply membrane was installed on the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Guam International Airport.

Our most commonly used Commercial Roofing Products are:

Versico VersiWeld TPO

Commercial Roofing - VersiWeld TPO

Versico VersiFlex PVC

Commercial Roofing - VersiFlex PVC

Versico VersiGard EPDM

Commercial Roofing - VersiGard EPDM

Duro-Last PVC Single Ply Membrane

Commercial Roofing - Duro-Last

Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. carries a number of products to provide some personalization. These options can range from the material put on your roof to the color choices and more. You also have the choice of how to install your roofing system. Common installation methods are mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted. Choice gives our clients and our employees flexibility. This flexibility allows us to work with you and get to a desired price point for the roofing system installation and/or roofing products. These factors allow us to continue to provide quality installations with no give and take.

Frontier Roofing Systems provides experienced and trained roofers on every job. Putting professionally trained roofers together with those that have hand-on experience creates a group of knowledgable and skilled roofers. Safety and quality are our top priorities. Our promise of value is one no other local contractor can beat.

Frontier Roofing Systems’ credentials include:

  • Versico Gold Medal of Quality Award recipient. Read More…
  • 35+ years of Commercial Roofing experience in Colorado
  • Many years of Commercial Management experience

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