Commercial Roof Maintenance

  • Icicles and Snow Build-Up
  • Snow Retention
  • Rotted Deck due to Leak
  • Replaced Decking
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Old and Clogged Roof Drain
  • New Roof Drain


The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

The roof is not something you see on a daily basis so, when commercial roof maintenance is often abandoned or never put in place, damages and leaks build up. Even such instances when serviceable mechanical equipment is on the roof, every time the technician does their job, he could be causing damage to the roof. In order to protect both interior and exterior assets, it is imperative for facility managers to set up a maintenance program (a crucial factor in extending the life of the roof) that will keep the roof clean and at maximum performance.

Roof Maintenance Pic - commercial roof maintenance

How often have you been able to get a really good look at the condition of your roof? I have been on my roof at my home to maintain the air conditioning and have not paid attention to the roof, however, once I really started taking a look at the roof, I noticed many things have degraded over the last couple of years. – Robert T. Schmitz


The Roof’s Condition

Typically, facility managers of your building keep very busy schedules and cannot visually inspect the building internally and externally, from roof to ground, once before Winter and once during Spring. Even if they were able to, or you were able to in their place, would you really know what to look for that indicated you had a problem? or that would prevent future problems? Not knowing what condition the roof is in can lead to costly repairs or roof replacement, however, with a good commercial roof maintenance program in place, the facility manager can have a detailed report of the roof on, at least, a yearly basis to ensure safekeeping of assets protected by the roof. In many cases, the maintenance program will allow for up to four roof reports per year, which is dependent on the location and surrounding climate of the building.

Upon receipt of the maintenance report, alongside recommendations for future work needed, a regular roof maintenance program will have been put in place, which will give the facility manager a better idea of the work that needs to be completed, the urgency level of these recommendations, and the ability to make and informed decision on replacement or repair.


Choosing A Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Choosing to have a roof maintenance plan also has benefits beyond keeping the roof in working order. If the roof is under warranty, for example, there is often a requirement for maintenance stated within the warranty paperwork and, failure to service the roof could result in this coverage being voided, whereas enforcing a roof maintenance program will ensure the roof remains covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Many commercial roofing companies now offer maintenance programs in one form or another, of which are easy to set-up and require minimal time to perform the inspection. When selecting the appropriate maintenance program for your roof, consider the following:

  • In the Colorado climate, it is important to inspect roofs once before Winter and once in the Spring, which will ensure the roof is able to sustain the winter months and, will ensure any damages after winter are repaired for a stable roof in the following seasons.
  • Knowing the age and condition of the roof changes the amount of work required: if the roof is new, it may not need to be examined more than once per year (unless there is serviceable mechanical equipment on the roof), whereas an older roof would require more upkeep and inspections.
  • Depending on what is housed within in the building, such as computer/medical equipment or pharmaceutical products, more frequent inspections may be desirable to ensure protection of more critical contents.

Commercial Roof Maintenance is one of the best ways to save money for the overall expense of the roof, being that it can catch problems that may not show up as leaks but that could be damaging insulation or decking materials, as seen in the pictures below.


Roof Maintenance - Shrinking Rubber RoofRoof Maintenance - PVC Roof Hail Damage







We offer commercial roof maintenance agreements that consist of the following:

  • Initial roof inspection that will specify the repairs needed at that time
  • Biannual inspection to assess the condition of the roof and take care of maintenance issues
  • Minor leak repairs

Having a commercial roof maintenance program does many things for the cost of roofing over many years, such as, extending the life of the existing roof dramatically (thus requiring less roofs to be installed over time), ability to reuse existing roof insulation by finding problems early on, and being able to avoid having to replace rotten or rusted decking as well.  These two examples can save huge amounts of money in the re-roofing process.

Repairing leaks before it does this kind of damage will cost far less than what it will cost later.  Since it is maintenance work, you will also be able to deduct the costs from your taxes.


The billing for each job will start at our arrival to the work site and will end when we leave.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.  We hope that we will be able to help you and meet and exceed all of your expectations.


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