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TPO Roofing

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TPO stands for Thermoplastic Olefin/Polyolefin. This commercial roofing product is the most commonly used single-ply roofing membrane in the United States. It is not made with plasticizers or chlorine so it won’t dry out or become brittle. This membrane is flexible in both hot and cold temperatures. This flexibility allows the movement of the building. Because it is a thicker membrane it is highly resistant to tears, impacts and punctures. This helps to protect the roof from damage during construction and maintenance. TPO is ideal for re-roof applications because it is lightweight and can re-cover almost any type of roof. The membrane is available in a few different colors, thicknesses and application types.


EPDM Roofing

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EPDM stands for Ethylene Proylene Diene Monomer. This roofing membrane is the only material that offers your roof a solution in all climates. This means the membrane does not need any additional coating or modifications. EPDM single-ply membrane is referred to as the “rubber roof”. It meets all of today’s sustainability and energy efficiency needs along with the longest average service life. This membrane is available in black and white. White EPDM is ideal for southern climates where cooling costs are high. Black EPDM is ideal in northern climates where heating costs are high. Both are resistant weathering and abrasion, hail and ozone, and UV radiation. It is also near immune to freeze/thaw cycles because it expands and contracts.


PVC Roofing

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PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. These membranes are known for their durability and resistance to damage. This damage can be caused by water, fire or punctures. It started being manufactured with liquid plasticizers. This was developed to a KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester) plasticizer that was named Elvaloy®. The final version of the PVC membrane is a KEE HP (High Performance) plasticizer. This membrane’s molecular weight gives it stability and durability even in the harshest conditions. There are also PVC membranes with polyester reinforcement and fiberglass reinforcement. Both of these have been used with great success.


Duro-Last “Denver”

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Duro-Last single-ply membranes are a thermoplastic membrane. These by-product PVC membranes are composed of many materials. PVC resins, biocides, UV absorbants and flame retardants can be found in Duro-Last membranes. These are laminated between two layers of PVC during the manufacturing process. This gives the membranes strength, durability and flexibility. Duro-Last offers standard membrane colors of white, grey, dark grey, tan or terra cotta.


Commercial Steep Roofing

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 Commercial buildings can be installed with nearly any type of roofing material. It can be asphalt shingles, clay/concrete tiles, metal panels, slate or wood shakes and shingles. There are a number of ways to install these different materials. A roofing system can be mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted. Some manufacturers of these products offer warranties.


Roof Restoration

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Single-ply membranes can become brittle and shrink. Metal roofing systems expand and contract with extreme weather and temperatures. Asphalt shingles leach out oils and plasticizers with exposure to weather and UV rays. All types of roofing systems can be affected. They can all be restored too. Restoration reduces stress on seams and flashings, plus more, for single-ply systems. Restorative coatings on metal roofs move with the metal at a cost lower than a full roof replacement. It also increases the roof life and protection of asphalt shingles. There are many ways to restore a roofing system and many applications that work with this process.



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Skylights are a beautiful way to bring natural light into a building. Natural lighting brightens spaces, colors and people’s moods. These are also useful in places where windows wouldn’t necessarily be. This can include hallways, closets, and many more. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors like white, shaded or clear. There are single-slope; ridge; pyramid; vault; octagon; greenhouse; curb-mounted; self-flashing; operable; venting; custom; circular; standard acrylic; impact-resistant; heat block; RV; and tubular skylight designs. There are also skylight shades to adjust the amount of sunlight coming in. These also help to block sun at certain times during the day.



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Winter weather can create serious problems for any roofing system. The most common damages are created from ice-dams and the formation of icicles. These issues cause water to leak through any compromised areas of the current roofing system. Leaking water causes damage to both the outside and inside of buildings. There can be damage to ceilings, walls and floors. Leaking water can also cause the growth of mold and mildew. De-Icing systems prevent ice-dams and icicles from ever forming. This gets rid of the need for costly repairs. These systems are ideal for new construction and/or the remodeling of any existing roofing system, like shingles and metal panels.


Roof Grease Solutions

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The grease gutter (as shown above) is designed for kitchens, restaurants, or any building that produces greases, oils and fats. It is designed to protect both your roof and the environment equally. These systems use absorbant pads that hold and contain the greases. The pads still allow for water to pass through. This product reduces the risk of a fire. It comes in a few different sizes and shapes. These variations allow for a solution in every application.


Roof Anchors

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Roof Anchors are an application required for maintenance and construction people to access the roof. There are a variety of styles and uses to fit any application. They can be used to secure lifelines and the tieback of suspension equipment. They are also used for the direct rigging of a bosun’s chair like those that window cleaners would use. Since they are placed on the roof they can be installed at any time. They are compatible with new construction projects and retrofit projects.


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