Single Slope Skylights

A single plan skylight that is commonly found built into a roof. It is also referred to as “Curb Mounted Skylights”. These are the most simple of all skylight designs. These skylights do not add much stress to a building’s structure.

Single Slope Skylight - Commercial Skylight


Single Slope Skylight Diagram






Ridge Skylights

Compared to a window of the same size, the ridge skylight allows a significant amount of light into the building. They can be glazed to shield against UV radiation. This glaze can also increase the amount of heat that stays in the building.

Ridge Skylight - Commercial Skylights

Ridge Skylight Diagram







Pyramid Skylights

The standard pitch is 6:12. These are typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs. They generally have 4 sides that are joined by hips to form a peaked skylight. Each side has one or more pieces of glass or polycarbonate glazing per side.

Pyramid Skylight - Commercial Skylights

Pyramid Skylight Diagram






Vault Skylights

An economical and efficient skylight to bring in daylight. They can be used for a wide variety of structures — entrance and walkway canopies, cover between buildings, hallways, and corridors.

Vault Skylight - Commercial Skylights

Vault Skylight Diagram







Octagon Skylights

These skylights function like a sundial. Throughout the day, light is reflected at a variety of angles.

Octagon Skylight - Commercial Skylights

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Greenhouse Skylights

Greenhouses are excellent additions to your home or as a stand alone structure. There are a variety of glazing options to get you the ideal amount of light, heat gain, and solar coefficient necessary. Units are available in manual and electrical options.

Greenhouse Skylight - Commercial Skylights

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Curb Mount Skylights

These are installed on top of existing roof curbs. This skylight is like a “lid” on top of a shoe box, the “shoe box” being the roof curb. There are 3 glazing styles: Standard, Optional Polycarbonate, and Optional Insulated Low-E safety glass.

Curb Mounted Skylights - Commercial Skylights

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Self-Flashing Skylights

These skylights feature a built-in aluminum thermally broken curb. They come with 3 glazing styles: Standard, Optional Polycarbonate, and Option Insulated Low-E safety glass. A proper fit can be found by measuring the rough opening in the roof.

Self-Flashing Skylight - Commercial Skylights



Operable Skylights

This type of skylight is like most skylights, except that it opens.

Operable Skylight - Commercial Skylights

Operable Skylight Diagram







Venting Skylights

Another version of an operable skylight.

Venting Skylight - Commercial Skylights



Custom Skylights

These skylights fall under the same category as “Curb Mount Skylights”. They can be custom fabricated to fit the dimensions of your specific roof opening.

Custom Skylight - Commercial Skylights



Circular Skylights

Provide natural light with an innovative design — comes with a single or double acrylic domes in clear, bronze tint or white. Can be provided in individual circular domes, curb-mount, or self-flashing units. Circular skylights are exceptionally strong due to their shape.

Circular Skylight - Commercial Skylights

Circular Skylight Diagram






Replacement Dome Skylights

Standard Acrylic Skylights

These can be used with any type of flat or pitch roofing. They are bubble shaped domes and are available as fixed or venting units. They are also available in self flashing or curb mounted models.

Standard Acrylic Skylight - Commercial Skylights


Impact Resistant Skylights

This style allows for use on any pitched or flat roof with any type of shingle, tile, or built up application. These can be made from a few different materials — glass consisting of tempered over laminated glass (supplies ample drainage of water); Architectural multi wall Polycarbonate (virtually indestructible); Standard Polycarbonate sheet vacuum formed into a “dome” shape (used on flat or pitched roofs); a thicker acrylic (better resistance on impact without the cost).

Impact Resistant Skylight - Commercial Skylights


HeatBlock 365 Skylights

An infrared-reflecting skylight that reflects a large amount of solar radiation. This limits the amount of heat entering the building while allowing a natural abundance of natural sunlight. Air conditioning costs can be lowered by as much as 33% and dependence on electrical lighting is reduced.

HeatBlock 365 Skylight - Commercial Skylights


RV Skylights

Most of the time these skylights are single or double pieces of plastic mounted directly to the roof deck. Because of how they’re mounted, it is most difficult to get them to seal properly. The plastic will expand and contract with the weather so it’s best to mechanically fasten them to the roof deck with a silicone based sealant under the domes.

RV Skylight - Commercial Skylights



Tubular Skylights

These skylights bring in an abundant amount of natural sunlight. The sunlight brings out the natural beauty of interior spaces like no other light source. Using daylight reduces the load on your HVAC unit which saves you money. Tubular skylights are perfect for any room where a view outside is not needed — hallways, closets, stairways, bathrooms, laundry rooms.

Tubular Skylight - Commercial Skylights



Skylight Shades

Sometimes the light from skylights needs blinds and shades. These systems allow complete control of the amount of sunlight that enters the space. The systems come as a light filtering semi-opaque shade as well as a blackout shade for maximum light control. The shades and blinds are available in a variety of fabrics, textures, and fade-resistant colors. They run on interior tracks that is either manually or electronically operated.

Skylight Shades - Commercial Skylights


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