De-Icing Systems

Ice dams are the most common issues that arise with roof damage in winter: a ridge of ice forms at the edge or valley of a roof and prevents the snow behind it from draining properly as it melts, so backing up the water behind this dam where it goes through a cycle of freezing and melting. Eventually, this cycle causes water to leak through compromised areas of the roofing system and damages ceilings, walls, floors, and produces the growth of mold and mildew. With the available roof heating systems by Warmzone, there are a variety of roof de-icing options that can be customized for your roofing system that are designed around cost, performance, and aesthetics. These roof de-icing systems involve the discrete installation of thin heating elements beneath the shingles to eliminate ice damming and prevent the need for costly repairs and are ideal for new construction and/or the remodeling of any existing roofing system. Some of the roof de-icing systems are fully automated by utilizing automatic sensors that activate only when necessary.

For damages caused by harsh winter weather, or any other type of weather, follow this link: Storm Damage


Roof De-Icing

RoofHeat STEP Roof Heating Systems

Unlike most other roof heating systems that utilize a heat cable, this advanced system features a thin, self-regulating, low-voltage, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element that can be nailed or stapled through, on site — the Mylar coating adds protection from alkaline or salt damage. Each RoofHeat system comes with individual control boxes and a transformer that, while controlling a specific area of the roof de-icing system, steps high voltage down to low voltage to ensure safe, accurate, and efficient performance. An activation device, or snow sensor, detects precipitation and temperature to automatically turn on and off the system when the conditions warrant, so activating the radiant snowmelt system and heating your roof, preventing the formation of ice dams.

RoofHeat STEP - De-Icing



Heat Cable for Radiant Gutter Melt Systems

In cold weather climates, not only can your roofing system be damaged by the extreme conditions caused by heavy snow build-up, the formation of icicles and ice dams, but your gutters and downspouts can also be affected. Radiant roof and gutter heating and roof de-icing systems have been proven very effective in preventing these costly damages from occurring with the installation of RoofHeat gutter melt cables in any trouble spots. This facilitates the proper drainage necessary to keep your gutters and downspouts undamaged and working properly.

RoofHeat gutter cable - De-Icing



Heat Roof Edges

Warmzone offers a roof heating system specifically for roof edges with their self-regulating heat cable that is channeled into an aluminum panel to provide maximum heat transfer and efficiency. When mounted to your roof eaves and/or valleys, these systems are designed to eliminate the dangers associated with any build-up of snow and formation of ice dams/icicles, so eliminating the need for costly repairs. Each attractive panel in this system is powder-coated with a durable finish and many color options to best complement your home.

G12 Panel - De-Icing


Warmzone has also offered the option of retrofitting an existing metal roof with heat sink panels, which are laid on top of the old metal roof and matched in color to the old roof — the aluminum alloy panels are designed to be in direct contact with the self-regulating heat cables at all times for the most efficient method of eliminating snow and ice.


Heat Roof Valleys

Warmzone also offers roof heating systems specifically for roof valleys (valley heating panels) that feature a 3″ extruded aluminum panel that are remarkable effective and efficient in melting snow and ice to protect your roofing system. As per Warmzone, “the roof valley panels may be the best roof valley heating solution on the market today.” This system typically melts snow on both sides of the panel so as to create a clearing significant enough for the runoff from the snow and ice, and to eliminate any build-up that would result in destructive ice dams.

G12 Panel - De-Icing



Roof De-Icing Systems – 10 Reasons to Invest

  • ENHANCE SAFETY - Heavy icicles can pose significant safety concerns as well as cause structural damage. Falling icicles and subsequent ice on walkways can lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians. Eliminate these conditions with a maintenance free roof deicing system from Warmzone.–WarmZone

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION - Warmzone RoofHeat radiant roof heating systems are not labor intensive. The flexible heating element can be nailed or stapled through, and cut onsite, facilitating quick and easy installation. Because of the simple installation of the RoofHeat system, costs for installing the roof deicing systems can be much less than that of other systems.–WarmZone

  • MAINTENANCE FREE - Warmzone electric roof deicing systems are virtually maintenance free, so costs associated with yearly upkeep will be non-existent. There's no need for yearly checkups, and costs for repairing leaky pipes (associated with hydronic systems) will be a non factor.–WarmZone

  • NO BULKY SYSTEM HOUSING - Electric radiant roof deicing systems do not take up space or require mechanical rooms. The system is controlled by a small control box that is mounted on the wall, so you don't have to take up additional square footage of your home or garage to house the equipment for Warmzone's RoofHeat system.–WarmZone

  • EFFICIENCY - Warmzone electric roof heating systems are energy efficient. These fully automated roof deicing systems are so effective that 99% of the energy goes directly to snow melting.–WarmZone

  • LOW OPERATION COSTS - Utility costs vary depending on where you live, but generally, you can melt snow on a 300 square foot area for around $0.35 per continuous hour of operation.–WarmZone

  • MINIMAL OPERATION TIME - The RoofHeat features fast response times and efficient operation. The electric radiant heating system runs up to 30% less than other radiant snow melting systems because of its high efficiency.–WarmZone

  • FULLY AUTOMATED - Roof snow melting systems consist of fully automated devices that detect precipitation and temperature so that the system is activated only when needed. The automated snow sensor detects the temperature and the moisture in the air, and when the conditions warrant it triggers the control unit. The controller then powers up the heating elements, warming your roof and gutters just before the snow storm hits, and then shutting off afterwards, resulting in maximum performance.–WarmZone

  • PROTECT YOUR HOME - Prevent water damage and extend the life of your roof by installing a radiant roof heating system. Your roof will last longer by preventing damaging ice buildup, ice dams, and icicles, as well as reduce the chances of water damage, which is often the result of water dams.–WarmZone

  • INVESTMENT - Roof heating systems are an excellent investment for raising the value of your home. By installing a radiant roof deicing system, you increase the resale value, longevity, and safety of your home, building, or cabin.–WarmZone


IceFree Eave 8″ Heated Roof Panel
Designed to eliminate the formation of icicles, the build-up of snow at the roof’s edge, as well as ice damming, Engineered Roof De-icing Inc. has developed an innovative creation: a simple, one piece aluminum alloy panel system which ensures any buildings’ owner will no longer have property damages and costs associated with water damage from these roofing systems’ inability to drain water during the winter season.

ice free eave spec


ice free eave thermal - roof de-icing


These roof snow and ice elimination systems — roof de-icing — have also been manufactured for their aesthetic appeal — IceFree Eave Panels are available with a decorative metal cladding (attractive finish) to complement the look of your home — and cost effectiveness. These roof de-icing systems are a revolutionary method to extend the life of your roof in that they reduce destructive situations, such as those caused by icicles and ice dams, that any winter weather can inflict on your roof.


IceFree Valley Panels
Designed for integration in the valleys of your roofing system so as to remove the possible dangers of snow build-up and icicles, keeping your home safer. The approximate sizing of this panel is 3″ wide — developed to work with either 11mm or 14mm commercial grade self regulating heat cables — and is guaranteed by Engineered Roof De-icing Inc. to heat the entire length of the panel.

ice free valley spec


ice free valley - roof de-icing


The IceFree Valley Panel can, if requested, be custom built to the the length of any valley on any roofing system, and like the IceFree Eave Panel, are available with decorative metal cladding to provide a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing finish to complement your home and personal style.


IceFree-LeafFree for Gutters
As the leader in Innovative Roof De-Icing systems, Engineered Roof De-icing Inc. introduces the next generation in gutter protection with a new heated gutter shield that offers the highest level of protection for your home all year long: IceFree-LeafFree for Gutters. Manufactured with 100% recycled aluminum alloy that focuses on a direct heat transfer between the commercial grade self-regulating heat cable to the extruded covers, this system is energy efficient, prevents ice on and in your gutters year round, and guarantees the end of maintenance hassles.

ice free gutter pic


ice free gutter thermal - roof de-icing


This affordable and attractive gutter system is a great way to prevent large to moderate sized debris, like those of leaves and pine needles, from entering your gutters (smaller debris is drained with flowing water). It does not require the removal or alteration of any roof shingles currently in place, unlike other, competitive products. This system can be used with a roof de-icing system.


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