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Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. is an approved Duro-Last contractor. We already have a lot of experience installing Duro-Last throughout the Denver Metro Area. We offer consistent, quality installations for one of the best PVC single-ply roofing systems from Duro-Last.

Over one-and-a-half billion square feet of Duro-Last membranes have been installed throughout North America. This custom fabricated single-ply membrane, with heat-welded seams, is an ideal application on flat or low-sloped roofs. It has met or exceeded all major fire and wind code requirements. These certifications reinforce Duro-Last’s leadership in providing a consistent, watertight integrity for buildings. The Duro-Last roofing system is watertight and made of highly reflective white PVC. It has high resistance to chemicals, fire and high winds, and most restaurant oils and greases. Because this system is prefabricated in the Duro-Last factory there is little to no on-site assembly required. It is also easily maintained and Energy Star Rated.

PVC roofing systems make an important contribution to sustainable buildings, and Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program. Duro-Last is a leader in cool roofing solutions, and our Cool Zone® brand addresses the growing nationwide interest in sustainable roofing systems. Of the white, single-ply products rated by the ENERGY STAR program, only the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system has retained reflectivity of greater than 85% after three years of weathering (based on ENERGY STAR roof products testing criteria). The high sustained reflectivity delivered by out white PVC roofing membrane is read more…Duro-Last
Prefabricated Duro-Last Roofing SystemDuro-Fleece® Roofing MembraneDuro-Last®EV MembraneDuro-Shield® Metal Retrofit Roofing SystemVinyl Rib Roofing SystemRock-Ply® Roofing SystemShingle-Ply® Roofing System
There are many advantages to the Prefabricated Duro-Last Roofing System. It has been proven that most roof failures occur because of installation errors mainly around changes in roof plane — projections, curbs, drains, perimeters, abutting walls. Prefabrication eliminates a large majority of on-site seaming. These types of roofing systems are easier to install throughout the year, even in harsh conditions. Prefabrication means installation time and the amount of waste is reduced. The little quantity of on-site seaming is done with hot-air welding methods — virtually unaffected by cold or damp weather conditions. Roofing contractors order the exact amount of roofing membrane needed to cover the whole roof, instead of collecting raw materials, with prefabrication. These single-ply roofing systems are durable, energy-efficient, installed without disruptions, and code compliant.
The Duro-Fleece® Roofing Membrane is made of Duro-Last’s proven thermoplastic membrane as well as their high-quality 5.5oz fleece material. The fleece offers better adhesion between the membrane and substrate. Fleece will also act as a seperation barrier in some applications — this may reduce material costs and increase installation times where otherwise additional seperator sheets would be needed. It can be applied with Duro-Last’s water-based WBII adhesive or their new two-part bead-applied Duro-Fleece adhesive. This membrane is commonly used in projects that specify a fully-adhered installation; projects that require a smooth, finished appearance; or where the membrane may be applied directly to non-nailable surfaces, concrete or gypsum decks, BUR systems, ACFoam®-IV insulation, or parapet walls over granulated asphalt.
Duro-Last®EV Membrane is ideal for low-slope projects in need of a long-lasting and energy efficient roofing membrane. It offers resistance to weather and chemical attack. This membrane has excellent weathering performance, great weldability, chemical resistance, and an exceptional longevity. As a roll good, the rolled membrane allows for easier installations on cut-up roofs, as well as roofs that are difficult to measure or are in extreme weather climates. Prefabricated flashings to match the membrane are available and offer puncture and tear resistance. It can be installed through Duro-Bond®Induction Welding, adhering, or mechanical attachment.
The Duro-Shield®Metal Retrofit Roofing System protects your building against rain, extreme temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, & rust and corrosion. This prefabricated single-ply membrane is custom made to fit your roof exactly. It is energy-efficient, resistant to chemicals, fire, and high winds. This roofing system is virtually maintenance free. Metal roofs are typically susceptible to a number of problems that cause leaks and other more serious issues. Problems like loose seams and cracked penetrations, rust and corrosion, interior drips and ice build-up, are all possible causes for leaks.
The Vinyl Rib Roofing System combines Duro-Last’s single-ply membrane and separate vinyl ribs. The ribs are heat-welded to the installed membrane for a secure installation. This system offers more effective insulation options. It has the aesthetics of standing seam roofs with the performance of thermoplastic single-ply. The Vinyl Rib provides not only a water shedding solution but also a water proofing solution. The ideal application would be in snowy areas to prevent water back-up situations.
The Rock-Ply® Roofing System provides a ballasted roof look without the concerns for weight considerations. It is ideal for applications where appearance is important but a stone ballasted roof is impractical. This system provides the watertight performance and long-term durability of single-ply roofing systems. The design is printed on the membrane with a special polymer coating to prevent its wear. The system can be mechanically attached or adhered to the roof deck where is adjacent edges are heat-welded together. Any flashings for this systems are precision-fabricated in the Duro-Last factory with minimal on-site assembly. The horizontal surface of a project would be covered in Rock-Ply®. The vertical surface of the same area would be made of a dark grey material.
The Shingle-Ply® Roofing System provides the look of shingles, which is ideal when appearance is important but the roofs’ slope may not allow proper water run-off. This thermoplastic single-ply system can be mechanically attached to the roof deck where overlapping edges would be heat-welded together. It is watertight and delivered to the job site in prefabricated rolls. The design is printed onto the membrane and covered in a special polymer coating to prevent its’ wear. The flashings for Shingle-Ply® membrane are precision fabricated in the Duro-Last facility with no on-site assembly.

Duro-Last Prefabricated Manufacturing Process

  • Duro-Last process 1Duro-Last's Engineering Services Department offers technical support, including CAD services, to create a roof customized to each building's specifications.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 2The Quality Control Lab performs a variety of standardized tests on all components of the Duro-Last roofing systems.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 3To ensure quality at the onset, this calendar machine distributes film evenly.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 4Knitting machines produce a high-density polyester weft-inserted scrim.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 5The laminator then bonds together the top and bottom layers of the film with the scrim.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 6Quality control is a priority. This employee performs an inspection of a completed roofing membrane.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 7Rolls of membrane are re-inspected off the line.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 8Membrane sheets are welded together and prefabricated to a building's exact dimensions as specified by the architect, specifier or contractor.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 9A fastening tab is welded into the membrane sheet for attachment to the roof deck.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 10Orders are measured and square-up on the folding floor.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 11Folding floor inspectors examine every factory seam of the Duro-Last roofing system before it leaves the manufacturing facility.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 12Custom-made pieces are folded from fastening tab to fastening tab, making installation easier.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 13Duro-Last provides custom-made accessories for all penetrations and details.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 14All pieces are rolled and stretch-wrapped, ready for delivery to the job site.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 15Duro-Last's in-house training classes provide contractors witht he know-how to install the Duro-Last roofing systems.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last Process 16EXCEPTIONAL®Metal's state-of-the-art equipment precisely fabricated products with consistent high-quality and provides a quick turnaround time.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 17Scuppers, pitch pans, and collector boxes eliminate the need for field fabrication and help increase installation efficiencies.–Duro-Last

  • Duro-Last process 18Our skilled craftsmen take pride in fabricating a variety of products and materials, including components made from copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.–Duro-Last


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