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PVC is a single-ply membrane. This material is not hard like PVC pipes due to the additions of plasticizers. This is a chemical component that allows PVC roofing membranes to be flexible.



It is important to install PVC membranes over substrates that are compatible with PVC. The membrane has good resistance to chemicals, fire and wind.



The most common thicknesses for PVC are 50mil and 60mil. PVC is provided in a range of colors but is most often offered in light (cool) colors for reflective purposes. Colors are usually an off-white so dirt doesn’t show as much.



PVC roofing membrane can be installed in 3 ways:

  • Fully Adhered
    • This method attaches the membrane to the substrate with a special adhesive.
  • Mechanically Attached
    • The PVC material is held in place by being attached to the substrate or roof deck with screws or other fasteners — this depends on the deck type.
  • Ballasted / Loose-Laid
    • PVC is laid loosely over the roof and secured along the perimeter and around penetrations — these can be pipes, air conditioning units, etc. The membrane is held in place with a ballast like river rock.

Service Life

PVC can have a roof life of 10 to 25 years. This material is recyclable, sustainable and has many decades of proven durability performance.


versico - PVC Roofing

Versico is our main manufacturer for PVC products

  • VersiFlex™ PVC | Dependability and PerformanceENERGY STAR® qualified and Title 24 compliant, VersiFlex PVC membranes will perform to the highest standards with a durability backed by industry-leading warranty coverage. Versico offers the industry's broadest range of PVC products, ensuring you can find the ideal solution for your rooftop. VersiFlex PVC is specifically designed for long-term performance and is highly resistant to fire and chemicals including acids, bases, restaurant oils and grease.–Versico

  • VersiFlex™ FRS PVCVersiFlex FRS PVC utilizes a fibreglass-reinforced scrim. THis dimensionally stable scrim is fully encapsulated and is designed for fully adhered applications in all areas, especially those with extreme temperature fluctuations.–Versico

  • VersiFlex™-E KEE HPVersico's KEE HP PVC membranes contain a solid KEE HP (high-performance) plasticizer with a higher molecular weight than standard KEE. Featuring improved aesthetics, enhanced thermal performance, a wider window of weldability and superior cold temperature flexibility.–Versico

  • VersiFleece™ PVCVersiFleece PVC is manufactured using Versico's VersiFlex™ PVC membrane laminated to a fleece backing.–Versico

  • OctaGuard XT Weathering PackageVersico's Certified Fabricated Accessories provide enhanced time and cost savings for TPO and PVC installations. These easy-to-install, heat-weldable, pre-fabricated accessories are ideal for virtually any thermoplastic application and provide an economical solution to field fabrication in both standard and custom hard-to-flash situations. All of Versico's thermoplastic accessories carry the Certified Fabricated Accessory Seal of approval meaning they adhere to the most stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a Versico warranted roof system.–Versico


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