Roof Grease Solutions

The Grease Gutter systems, as developed by Omni Containment Systems, L.L.C., have all been manufactured in the United States of American with Underwriters Laboratories approved materials, designed to protect the environment and your roof equally, and reduces the risk of fire and roof damage.

“Until Grease Gutter, rooftop grease control products were too difficult to service and proper maintenance was discouraged. Grease Gutter is your simple solution!” – Omni Containment Systems, L.L.C.


The “Original” Grease Gutter system was manufactured for use in low-moderate grease discharge applications — rotisserie, steam, and other low grease volume fans — by utilizing one-piece absorbent pads that hold and contain the grease collected, but still letting water pass through the system and out. It has many advantages — only four inches wide and requires a single filter pad — over other rooftop grease containment products. It has been engineered for tight installation situations and constructed of the most durable V-O polymers — stands up to harsh weather conditions.

Grease Gutter Original - Roof Grease Solutions



The “High Capacity” Grease Gutter system was manufactured for use in high grease discharge applications and designed to be compact with an 8″ trough, all made of the same durable polymers as the original. It will accommodate the higher volume of grease produced by char broiling and heavily used fryers because of its use of efficient grease absorbing pads without failure, and the additional capacity will decrease the frequency of the filter changes.

Grease Gutter High Capacity - Roof Grease Solutions



The “Sidekick” Grease Gutter system was manufactured for such applications where the previous Grease Gutter units won’t fit, such as a wall mounted system or other unusual ventilator systems. It is the latest rooftop protection product offered by Omni Containment Systems, L.L.C. and comes pre-assembled with filters already in place — 24″ and 36″ lengths available. While it is designed for lower volume, single sided discharge fans and for wall mount situations, is has also been proven to be effective in such unique applications that other systems will not adapt to.

Grease Gutter Sidekick - Roof Grease Solutions



The “Custom” Grease Gutter system, along with the High Capacity System, can often be adapted for use on non-typical ventilators — round stack version shown in picture — and is primarily used for industrial and manufacturing plants where various oil discharge types cause problems on the roofing systems. Essentially designed for use with round exhaust stacks it is made to slide over any size circular stack and also includes a new diffuser cap to divert the air flow into the system. Omni Containment Systems, L.L.C. had performed a number of tests to ensure that the air flow is not impeded in any way.

Grease Gutter Custom - Roof Grease Solutions



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