Commercial Re-Roofing

Frontier Roofing Systems is unique when it comes to commercial re-roofing contractors.  Here is how we are different.


Helping You and the Environment

Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. makes it a priority to use Green Building practices in commercial re-roofing. We use products that contain recycled content such as  SECUROCK® Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board which comes from 95% recycled content.  We install Energy Star rated roof systems to reduce your cooling and heating costs. This also reduces the “heat island effect” to keep our urban areas cooler. Any roofing materials that can be recycled, will.

We are members of the Roofs to Roads project where asphalt shingles are recycled and added as a binder in Asphalt Paving. There are large amounts of shingles that are taken to the landfills each year.  There is approximately 240,000 tons of asphalt shingles taken to the landfills each year in Colorado.  There are roughly 12 million tons nationwide. Metal, plastic, wood and other products are recycled as often as possible.


Protecting your Property

Damage protection plan

Your home is important to you and to us.  On every reroof job we create a written damage protection plan that clearly defines how our crew will protect your property.  The process of removing your old roof and installing a new one can be very damaging to many things such as your landscaping and buildings exterior.  That is why we take it so seriously and create a plan of how we are going to protect your Property.


Leak protection plan

As a Colorado native I know how fast the weather can change.  The last thing that you want is a leak to occur during the roofing process.  We will not put your property at risk just to get the job done.    We will create a written Leak Protection plan for every job.


Safety Plan

We carry liability and workers compensation insurance.  This alone does not make your project safe.  A written safety plan is created for the crew to follow.  We care about our employees and do not want any injuries to occur.


Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. is fully Licensed and Insured


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