Commercial Site Surveys

All roofers at Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. have the experience from many years of previous roofing projects. They are also professionally trained to follow our compass — this is a quality standard guideline. We take the time to properly run through all roofing techniques to ensure our roofers can best diagnose your unique situation. We have the proper knowledge and skills to give you the highest quality service and results.


Building owners and managers have enough to worry about and deal with, without needing to know all about the roofing industry. Frontier Roofing Systems is here to understand what your building needs and how to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

Call Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc.┬átoday and get rid of the stress of knowing what to do with your roof. We will do a complete and thorough commercial site survey of your building. From this Frontier Roofing Systems will develop an estimate for your current roofing needs — this can be in the form of Repairs and Preventative Maintenance, or the complete replacement of your existing roofing system. The replacement of your current roofing system would be a worst case scenario. This detailed report, pictures included, will be returned to the facility owner or manager.


All of the information provided from Frontier Roofing Systems will allow the owner or manager to easily understand the current condition of their roof and what steps to take next. They will also be able to understand what to expect with future repairs and expenses. In the report will be a complete CAD (or computer aided design) drawing of the job site; photos live from the job site of any issues that were uncovered; and a detailed schedule for the length of time any maintenance and repairs or re-roofing will take.

Key Benefits

  • Clearly understand the condition of your roof
  • Determine the life expectancy of your roof
  • Free estimate for cost budgeting
  • Detailed photos and layouts of issues

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