Waterproofing Membranes

  • Tapered Deck Tapered Deck This is a large deck area that is over living space. The deck needed to be sloped so water would not accumulate. FRS installed custom cut lumber to taper the system.
  • Tapered Deck to thin Tapered Deck to thin At the draining edge the taper was too thin to cut out of lumber. We floated a concrete taper in.
  • Underlayment Underlayment All Deck membranes require a solid underlayment to be installed. This can be from 1/4 plywood or concrete board up to 3/4 toungue and groove.
  • Wood Deck Installed Wood Deck Installed The wood deck needs to be fastened substantially. On thinner material the fastening can be as close as 3 inches on center at all edges.
  • Wood installed on wall Wood installed on wall This wall was drywall. FRS had to install the plywood to cover this so the membrane could be adhered properly.
  • Finishing the Edges Finishing the Edges In order for your deck membrane to look good all the joints in the plywood or concrete board need to be dressed. This is similar to finishing drywall. Any imperfections in the underlayment will show through the membrane.
  • Finishing the Edges with Concrete Finishing the Edges with Concrete FRS finishes all of the edges with a concrete mix. This is stronger than using drywall mud but more difficult. Here the concrete is applied and has to dry to be able to sand.
  • Complete finishing Complete finishing All the concret has been sanded and the deck is ready for the membrane adhesion.
  • Edge Details Edge Details Taking care of the edge of the deck is a critical component to any deck membrane system. There are many ways this can be accomplished. In this case we used a white PVC coated metal to weld the deck membrane to.
  • Details and Seaming Details and Seaming Details and seaming are what keeps this system watertight. When done properly the seams are permanent. When not done properly they can open up and leak. The prior deck installed at this property was done improperly and FRS had to replace the old system only after a few years.
  • Seaming Seaming
  • Seaming and wall flashing Seaming and wall flashing
  • Wall flashing Wall flashing
  • Seaming Seaming
  • Seaming Seaming
  • Seaming Seaming
  • Completed Work Completed Work
  • Completed Work Completed Work
  • Completed Work Completed Work
  • Deck Railing Deck Railing This deck had a metal railing system installed. FRS removed the railing and reinstalled it with a complete new paint job.
  • Custom Railing Work Custom Railing Work
  • Custom Railing Attachment Custom Railing Attachment



DeckRite Waterproofing Membranes

DeckRite Exterior Floor Covering is a popular alternative to traditional high maintenance wood decks and concrete patios. The DeckRite system is easy to install over existing or new decks. It is a cost efficient and superior option for waterproofing exterior walkways, balconies, docks and sun porches. DeckRite products eliminate power washing, sanding and resealing. It also eliminates the worry of wood slivers, exposed nails or ugly, rotting wood. This product is slip resistant and mildew resistant.

These waterproof membranes are a popular selection for use on second story walkout balcony’s that require a waterproof installation that can still be walked on. DeckRite is installed using roofing details and techniques to provide a clean and attractive application. Traditional methods for waterproof applications require building a deck or installing carpet on the waterproofing membrane, whereas DeckRite is one surface for waterproofing and walking.

DeckRite Membrane Colors

DeckRite membranes have become a preferred choice on commercial properties like apartment complexes, condominiums, retirement communities and hotels. It’s low maintenance benefits will help any property manager reduce maintenance costs. Instead of removing and replacing your old wood deck with a new expensive one, DeckRite membranes let you re-use your current structure and decking to revitalize your deck.

The membrane is a three-ply laminated membrane made up of heavy-duty polyester fabric. This is encapsulated between two vinyl films. The top layer of the film is color printed and then embossed during the manufacturing process to preserve the print. It is especially formulated to withstand exposure to the sun, water, common household chemicals and foot traffic. The polyester fabric enhances the membranes dimensional stability, puncture strength, and tear resistance. The bottom layer of the film acts as the bonding layer in the installation process and also allows two separate pieces of membrane to be molecularly fused together during the seaming procedure.


DecTec Waterproofing Membranes

Cool StepGuardianSelect
This membrane, as the first Cool Roof Rating Council Listed walk-able and reflective membrane in the industry, is easily installed without the worry of it cracking, peeling or even wearing away. It’s suitable for pedestrian areas from single-ply to flat roof — ideal for balconies and rooftop decks — since its cool to the touch on bare feet in extremely high summer temperatures, because of its ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions in both the winter season as well as the summer season. Aside from being safe for you and family, the Cool Step membrane will protect your building, eliminate moisture intrusion and reduce energy cooling costs. It is anti-microbial and comes in the color “cool white”.
This textured waterproof membrane, composed of internal fibreglass reinforcement, contains excellent fire properties and is able to withstand multiple freeze/thaw cycles through the harshest of weather conditions, while still being impossible to delaminate. It is a high quality surface in that practically any flashing required can be created on site, it is heat-weldable, anti-microbial and accepts foot traffic easily. The Guardian membranes come in the colors Brick 7501, Granite 6642, Bronze 7504, and Opal 6642.
Like the other membranes created by DecTec, the Select membrane accepts foot traffic and cannot delaminate, but also meets the North American Building Code Standards for a single-ply PVC roofing membrane, as well as the ICC criteria for Walking Decks. This membrane is anti-microbial also, and comes in the colors Brick 7501, Granite 6642, Bronze 7504, and Opal 6642 just like the Guardian membranes.

DecTec Accessories

The Deccorner is a single piece of pre-formed PVC that provides watertight protection at any critical leak point, and on any installation, but only comes in the color “white”. This accessory fits deck/wall intersects as well as outside/inside corners. It is made so that the DecTec membranes are easily heat welded to this corner material.

The watertight Decdiverter was designed with a 24 gauge galvanized form fitting structure to ensure the shape is retained over time, and is meant to direct any water away from what would be considered the largest point of water infiltration — the corner of a deck and a wall transition are some examples. This accessory is more cost effective than flashing on site and is designed to match all the colors of the membranes available.

As the easiest and most efficient way DecTec has provided to terminate membrane details, this PVC coated metal eliminates the need to wrap a membrane over the face of a deck and risk weakness or water penetration. It is both cut to fit on-site as well as designed to match the colors of the membranes available. The Decclad Metal is fastened to the edge of a deck while the membrane underneath is heat welded to said metal to ensure a waterproofed area.

As the ultimate accessory in field flexibility, as per DecTec, this multi-step design contains a removable grate and a heat weldable flange. Membranes are easily welded to this flange and it is the best defense against water back-up or penetration underneath the membrane. The multi-step design allows for the attachment of various sized outlet pipes whilst still fitting inside confined joist spaces.

With the strong, membrane color matched, Decflash by DecTec, tight working areas pose less of a problem. The hassle of producing a flashing on-site is also eliminated. This membrane ensures watertight details with a more simple and quicker installation. This reduces the potential for leaks at critical points.

The aluminum terminator bar is handy for terminating on surfaces such as cement, brick and other rough wall surfaces. It is recommended to install this bar with a continuous run of butyl tape or quality polyurethane caulk between the wall and the membrane to which the terminator bar is being attached. This accessory is made from weather-resistant extruded aluminum with a powder coated durable finish. This means it won’t rust. It comes in grey, tan and white.

The PVC construction of the Descupper by DecTec enables membrane to be heat welded directly to the scupper to ensure waterproofing, and with its one-piece construction, is the ideal through wall drain to use. This one-piece, rigid design eliminates the potential for leaks within the scupper and allows the material to be directly heat welded to the flange.

The Decpatch II offers the best in filler capabilities, such as those in plywood joints and with imperfections in substrate like voids and knots. This is because this patch is made from strong, cementitious material. When this material is sanded down it offers a smooth substrate to contribute to a beautiful finished appearance, is compatible with all DecTec membranes and adhesives, and is designed to have easy transportation and prep due to the use of bags and water.


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