The Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. Difference

The difference we bring to the table is substantial, firstly, because the experience at your disposal began in 1981 with the start of our President, Robert T. Schmitz, and his roofing career. This experience — actual installation of roofing systems, leak diagnostics, job management, customer management, and business management — has only grown. As a Colorado Native with deep local roots, Bob Schmitz established Frontier Roofing Systems as a “green” roofing company in that 1) we will recycle as much of your old roofing system as possible and where it applies, 2) we utilize products that come from recycled materials when able, and 3) we install Energy Star Rated roofing systems where possible.


Aside from simply doing what is best for your family and the environment, Frontier Roofing Systems truly cares about the property of all our customers. For every project we undertake, the following are created:

  1. A Damage Protection Plan — protect your property during the re-roofing process.
  2. A Weather Damage Protection Plan — protects the property from leaks during the construction process and from wind that could displace roofing materials.
  3. A Safety Plan — protects you, your property, and our employees, which utilizes an additional system.


We diligently follow this additional system which upholds our core beliefs and aids in our safety plans:

the compass.

  • Safety Trumps All.
  • Protect The Building.
  • Do It Right The First Time. Quality Matters.
  • Green Building Practices.
  • Productivity.


Fully licensed and ensured, and utilizing our experience to train all employees, Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. knows how to get the job done right.


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