Hail Damaged Roofing in Erie, Winsdor and Greeley

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Erie, Windsor and into Greeley was hit by a strong summer storm bringing hurricane force winds, heavy rain and large hail to the region.  Roofers were out in force invading the local neighborhoods going door to door harassing home owners.  Frontier Roofing Systems Inc does not participate in the practice of door to door harassment of home owners.  We work on referrals and people that find us through our online advertising.

Frontier Roofing Systems Inc can handle all your Hail Damaged roofing needs such as Commercial Flat Roofing, Tile,  Asphalt Shingles and many more.

You need a good roofer that can negotiate your hail damaged roofing settlement with your insurance company.  Frontier Roofing Systems Inc uses the same estimating software that the insurance companies use.  100% of the insurance claims that we have seen have not been properly estimated by the insurance adjuster.  Frontier Roofing Systems Inc will make sure that all the items that should be covered for your hail damaged roof claim are covered.  Insurance adjusters miss or miscalculate the square footage of your roof, code upgrades, flashings and all other kinds of items.  This is especially true when it comes to hail damaged Commercial Flat Roofing.  Insurance adjusters many times from our experience will miss calculate 75% of the claim.  A recent claim that we negotiated the initial claim was for $55,000.00.  The estimate from the adjuster was not correct and the final negotiated price for re-roofing went up to $230,000.00.  The customer was able to get his hail damaged roofing system replaced with a high quality system that will last for decades.

Our goal at Frontier Roofing Systems Inc is to give you the best roof possible and take the headache away from you having to directly negotiate with your insurance company.  We abide by all local building codes, are fully insured, hire only American Citizens and submit all the necessary information to your insurance company.

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