As per all jobs we undertake, Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. obtains a permit from the cities in which each project is located. This portfolio holds some of our projects below.


Waterproofing Internal Gutters

  • 6,000 lineal feet of gutter coating to prevent leaking for large commercial building.
  • Kemper coating system being installed in internal gutters using telescoping boom lift.
  • Kemper coating system being installed by Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. employee in a telescoping boom lift.
  • Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. employee prepares to install Kemper coating system in internal gutters.
  • Primer and sand used to complete draing detail per manufacturer's specification.
  • Kemper installed in internal gutter with drain detail.
  • Kemper coating installed in curved internal gutter.

Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. assisted a large commercial facility with their internal gutter system, of which presented leaks in several locations throughout the property. The location of the internal gutters presented a big obstacle as many were located below standing seam roofing, 2/3rds of which surrounded the buildings’ 4th story. Manlifts were brought to the site to reach as much of the gutter system as possible, however, scaffolding was brought in to access those gutters that were out of reach. Most internal gutter systems lack slope so, to promote drainage in these gutters, Frontier Roofing Systems installed tapered insulation: gypsum board followed by Kemper Systems – Kemperol V210M coating system. This allowed the customer to receive a 15 year manufacturer warranty.



The customer from this commercial building requested the assistance of Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. on re-roofing a portion of their existing roof and fixing leak issues they were having. At the point where the second level and first level of the building met were two large valleys which, due to the amount of snow that would accumulate there in conjunction with the current roofing system, were a main source for leaks. The siding and decking at these points were rotting. Frontier Roofing Systems employees removed the existing roofing system from this area, cut back the bottom of the siding, replaced decking that required it, and installed a fully adhered EPDM membrane system in the two valleys and up the walls. Finally, custom fabricated metal, dimensional shingles, and replacements for the gutter and downspout were installed.


Fully Adhered TPO to Concrete

As part of a large remodel project by a local general contractor, Frontier Roofing Systems was hired to replace the roofing on this commercial building, due to the issues found with the current roofing system. All existing roofing was removed down to the concrete deck, and replaced with a gravel built-up roof (GBUR) over the entire roof, with a PUF roofing system over the area inside and surrounding the mechanical screen. New insulation, crickets, new custom fabricated overflow scuppers, a TPO membrane, and custom fabricated coping metals were installed.


Ballasted EPDM

This commercial building began as an old parking structure that was converted into an office space and still utilized the upper parking area, which had been covered by wood fiber and a ballasted EPDM roofing system. Several details in this structure were failing and the underlayment was saturated in several locations. Frontier Roofing Systems removed the old membrane as well as all water soaked fiberboard, installed a new EPDM membrane roofing system with new insulation, and reinstalled the river rock ballast. A new custom fabricated edge metal was installed at the tie in area where the new roofing system met up with the current parking structure.


Mechanically Attached TPO

This commercial building required the removal of 3 old roofing systems — of which had been lain on top of one another over the years — from the roof deck. Frontier Roofing Systems then installed flat stock ISO insulation on the roof deck, crickets between the scuppers along with new, custom fabricated scuppers, installed some new, custom fabricated collector heads to reasemble those currently installed in the existing roofing system, new edge metal, new custom fabricated open face downspouts, construction and installation of new M-74 29″ daylight tubes for natural lighting and a Versico TPO roofing system.


Steep Insurance Claim & Custom Detail

This large complex, located in Littleton, Colorado, was hit by hail and caused many issues and damages that needed to be corrected, including the waterproofing of all roofs located within the complex. Working with the Property Management Company, Frontier Roofing Systems designed a plan to close off and finish the small steps between each roof plane — made great homes for birds and other small animals, as well as collected debris. In several other areas of the basic construction, the soffits that met up with the current roofing system did not have any material, which allowed for both an opening to small animals as well as an opening for weathering damage. Frontier Roofing Systems designed and installed custom fabricated metal pieces to close off said openings. Another issue addressed were the several small eyebrows which didn’t allow for sufficient nailing of the shingles on the roofing system, so custom fabricated metal pieces were installed to make the eyebrows watertight and to add to the aesthetics of the property. An upgrade was selected on this property to Impact Resistant Shingles.


S-5 Snow Retention & Custom Copper Gutters

This standing seam metal roofing system, residential home, had some bad details in the existing roof that required repairs to ensure a watertight system. Snow building up on this mountain home was also causing damage to the gutters — a S-5 ColorGard® snow retention system was installed to the standing seam metal roof, and new gutters were installed to replace the ones damaged by snow build-up. At the entrance to the home, no gutters were previously installed so water shedding was staining the bottom step and dripping on people as they walked under the rusted corrugated roof. A copper half round gutter, with a weather protective finish, was installed along with similar copper downspouts to dress up the entrance and fix the leaking.


Insulation Package & Energy Star Rating

Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. was contacted to assist the employees on the upper level of a historic building in Downtown Denver from the heat, due to the lack of insulation on the building. The interior of this historic building was enhanced by the exposed and finished wood roof deck, so penetrating the deck was not an option. Frontier Roofing Systems installed a fully adhered TPO membrane over the new insulation — helped with the reflectivity for increased comfort — along with new custom fabricated coping/cap metal to help maintain the integrity of the brick parapet walls. This coping stepped up the walls maintaining the historic style of the buildings of that era.


Commercial Single-Ply Hail Claim

Frontier Roofing Systems assisted the owner of this building regarding the insurance claim for this roof. The insurance company had denied a full replacement, stating that the roof was not damaged and that the leaks were coming from a drain. Frontier Roofing Systems cleaned an area of the roof, approximately 2’x2′ in size, making the hail damage much more apparent. In the small area, about 20 fractures were found. This was just a small representation of the fracturing on this roof. FRS removed a portion of the roofing membrane and proved the damage with how light was able to penetrate at points of each of the circular hail strike areas. To help keep this roof watertight while discussions were finalized, and to keep out any additional moisture for the new roof installation, FRS installed a light coating over the entire roof.  Due to the two roof systems installed, all roofing was removed to the steel deck. New insulation was added to meet current code for the area as well as a new TPO roofing system.


Custom Low-Slope Residential

The owner of this residential low slope, built-up roofing system (BUR), was experiencing leaks from their roof that was at the end of its usable life. Frontier Roofing Systems determined it was necessary to remove the current BUR roofing system and replace it by installing one of the best roof systems available. The current roof on this residential building had sufficient insulation to allow for minimal above deck insulation, and was re-roofed with said minimal insulation over the plywood deck, SecuRock gypsum board, finished with a Versico 80 mil VersiFlex-EKEE High Performance roof membrane. The SecuRock gave the roof a Class A rating and increased the strength of the roof against hail damaged. The roofing system was completed with new custom fabricated fascia metal, new gutters and downspouts, an Alpine snow guard system with base plates mounted into the roof structure, and S-5 ColorGard® bar mounted to the base and finished off with pre-finished metal.


Our portfolio represents only a few of the projects completed by Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc.


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