Quality Commercial Roof Installs

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Quality Commercial Roof Installations


Versico Quality Commercial Roof Award

Frontier Roofing Systems Inc Quality is acknowledged again.


A Quality Commercial Roof means that you have to “Install it right the first time”  Frontier Roofing Systems Inc Quality is acknowledged again by Versico.  This is a constant battle cry for our installation teams.  

To get a Quality Commercial Roof we hold training on a regular basis to improve the consistency and quality of the work that is performed on all of our roofs.  Also through rigorous inspections the standard at Frontier Roofing Systems Inc is much higher than the industry norm.  Our field technicians would attest to this as they have come from other companies and know that we are different here at Frontier Roofing Systems Inc.

Here are some examples of our training.

  1. Every foreman has the Manufacturers details on their company issued phone.  For every detail on the roof the foreman makes sure that the installing field technician knows the correct detail by looking it up on the phone.
  2. Special training not provided by other roofing companies.  There are special installation techniques that we train our field technicians to use.  Even at manufacturers training these techniques are not shown.  How these techniques were developed was by the experience of the founder Bob Schmitz.  He has 36 years of roofing experience in almost every phase of roofing.  During this time Bob was always analyzing installation techniques and trying to improve upon them.  Through this experience Frontier Roofing Systems Inc is able to teach specialized techniques that make a quality commercial roof.
  3. Relentless and demanding inspections and employee reviews.  The standard that is expected for our commercial roof installations is a cut above.  We feel a personal connection to the work that we install and Bob insists on quality installations.  A lot of people just call it the “Bob Way”.
  4. Our Employees.  Not everyone has what it takes to adapt to the Frontier Roofing Systems Way.  People that are not willing to learn and comply with the strict standard are weeded out.  We pay our employees above industry average standards to get the best quality people in the industry.
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