Residential Re-Roofing

In itself, residential re-roofing has unique issues that may arise during the process of removing the existing roof and replacing it (tear-off), issues which may also come to light in the case of laying a new roofing system over an existing roof (lay over), both of which are the methods to re-roofing a residence.
For most homeowners, the protection of the property is a big concern and, the fact that most homes have limited access points from the road to the home and again from the home to the roof, the protection of the home and the landscaping surrounding make the process more complex.  Also,  residential roofs come together in unique integrations such as those that incorporate a flat roof system and a steep roof system into the same roof.  Having a contractor that knows what to look for — identifying all waterproofing needs, possible leaks, etc. — will provide the safety for your home and family in years to come, and will help to extend the life of your roof.
The duration these jobs can vary extensively depending on the size and complexity of the roof just as much as bad weather and extreme temperatures. When the roof has complex transitions such as those from flat to steep roofing as mentioned before, safety factors of all sorts — falling, placement of materials and tools, etc. — need more attention and care. Whether hot or cold temperatures too, safety is the first consideration and things like wind, snow, or ice would be hazardous and interrupt the crews’ work, so postponing the project.
Where both tear-off and lay over are viable options when re-roofing, tear-off allows the roofers to identify any current issues with the roof deck — rotting, water damage, etc. — and any condensation problems in the attic, all of which are important problems to fix before laying down a new roof. When the existing roof is torn off down to the roof deck, waterproofing underlayment to protect against leaks can be installed, damaged plywood can be removed and replaced, and proper ventilation systems can be put into place where needed.
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