Residential Roof Inspections

Before you or your family decide to buy a home, it is important to hire a qualified and trained expert on roofing and all things that can go wrong with roofing systems as there are too many things a normal house inspector will not catch. For example, most tile roofs in Colorado are installed with battens only (the tile being hooked over the battens to secure them to the roof) and all tile roofs get consistent water flow under them. This consistent water will run down the slope of the roof, come across a batten, and create a leak where those battens are fastened to the roof deck through the felt. Eventually, this constant flow of water will form water channels, cutting the felt between the tile and roof decking, and causing damage to said decking along with interior leaks.
Stone coated metal roofs also are, more often than not, installed with face fastened nails, which usually work loose and provide access points for water to access the roofing system again. Many tile roofs do not have the required two flashings installed at all points of penetration, of which should not rely on caulking alone to keep the flashing watertight but mechanical flashings, which work without the reliance of caulking.
At Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc., we provide you with a truly accurate inspection of all aspects of your roof, such as a thorough examination for existing hail damage, correctly installing and completing any and all roof flashing integration’s, and more where apparent. We have the ability to accurately examine all roof systems for potential defects and catch the problems a normal house inspector wouldn’t.

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