Amercian WeatherStar – Roofing System Restoration

  • Single-Ply Roof Restoration
  • Metal Roof Restoration
  • Asphalt Roof Restoration



American WeatherStar – Ure-A- Sil

Single-Ply Restoration

Single-ply membranes can become brittle and shrink with time. This means the membrane pulls away from curbs and separates at the seams. However before this happens, these membranes can be restored and preserved.

Restoration has many benefits like:

  1. Excellent adhesion to the roof.
  2. Most durable fluid applied coating system on the market.
  3. 100% tax deductible the year of installation.
  4. Warrantied to withstand ponding water.
  5. Reduced Heat Transfer – Lower Energy Costs
  6. Increased Life Cycle Cost – Less Future Maintenance
  7. Avoid Costly Tear-Off
  8. Sustainable 12 & 15 year warranty options.

Restores and Protects

  1. Modified Bitumen
  2. Smooth Built-Up
  3. EPDM, TPO and PVC
  4. Spray Polyurethane Foam




American WeatherStar – Met-A-Gard

Metal Restoration

Metal roofs expand and contract with extreme weather temperatures. This can cause loose fasteners and brittle washers. Metal roofs can also form rust which weakens the panels. These roofs can be restored with a fabric-less coating which bends and stretches with the metal roof.

Restoration has many benefits like:

  1. All the previous benefits plus;
  2. Fabric-less Seam Sealer option.
  3. Cures and prevents rust.
  4. Proven UV stability

Restores and Protects

  1. Standard R-panel metal roofs.
  2. Standing Seam Metal Roofs.



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American WeatherStar – Ure-A-Sil and Envir-O-Sil

Asphalt Roof Restoration

Asphalt roofs leach out oils and plasticizers with exposure to solar radiation and moisture. This can lead to a roof system failure and a costly roof replacement. Restoration of asphalt roofs is adaptable to nearly every type of asphalt membrane.

Restoration has many benefits like:

  1. Reduced Cracking and Deterioration
  2. Applied to New/Aged Asphalt or Modified Bitumen
  3. Reduced Roof Temperature
  4. Increased Roof Life
  5. Increased Protection from Weather, UV Rays, and Chemical Deterioration

American WeatherStar Restoration Process

  1. Prepare – repair and replace deteriorated areas with similar materials to make the roof watertight.
  2. Seal – all seams, flashings, and penetrations sealed.
  3. Power Wash – clear entire roof of dirt and debris.
  4. Apply – maintain energy saving reflectivity and avoid yellowing from oils with primer.
  5. Preserve – 2 coats of acrylic or coatings; provides weather resistant barrier to reduce harmful effects of UV rays.


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