Building Budgets

Restoration can Cost Less Than 1/3 the Cost of Replacing Your Roof!


Building owners are consistently experiencing unscheduled capital expenditures. This is because the roof on their building is aged, weathered, and/or leaking. Roofing repairs are classified by the government as a capital expenditure. These costs can be avoided by developing and following a scheduled roof maintenance program for the life of the roofing system.

Even With a Maintenance Program the Decision to Repair / Replace / Recover Will be Made Some Time During the Life of the Roof!



Roof replacement is typically classified as a capital expense. This means the cost of the roof has to be amortized over a 39 year life.

Roof recovering is typically classified as a maintenance expense. This means the whole cost of the roof is completely tax deductible as soon as it is installed. No wait period!

The costs for restoring your roofing system comes from annual operating expenses. Most building operation budgets do not adequately cover tear-off and replacement.

While the costs of roof repairs or replacement are a lot, costs of roof recovering can be recovered! This happens through reduced energy expenses, reduced maintenance costs, and prolonged roof life.


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