Insurance Company Negotiations

Whether your insurance claim is for weathering (hail, wind, etc.) damage, or any other type of damage, Frontier Roofing Systems recommends that you have an experienced contractor negotiate with your insurance company. Doing this will ensure you get a complete damage claim that will get you back on your feet. Of all claims we have seen, 100% have been proposed incorrectly as the adjusters leave out items or suggest incorrect repairs.



Below are 3 examples, and a testimonial, of insurance companies proposing incorrect solutions to damages:


Example # 1

  • The existing roofing system -- a spray polyurethane roof over a tar and gravel roof -- was installed over a wood deck and had hail damage. The insurance adjusted proposed re-coating the foam roof, which, on top of a compromised foam roof that has immediately been penetrated by water, would cause the new coating to blister due to the moisture. This solution would fail almost immediately. Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. did several core cuts into the existing system to show the water in the foam roof. The adjusters estimate was approximately $15,000, however, once agreed that the roof need to be fully removed, Frontier Roofing created an estimate with Xactimate, including all necessary materials and componenets -- insulation to meet the required energy code and 1/2" Securock for the required Class A fire rating -- which settled the price at a little over $70,000. Without Frontier Roofing Systems' experience, the problem with the existing roof, as well as the additional claim for rotted plywood, would have been a temporary repair that resulted in a hail damaged system with leaks.To see the actual insurance estimate & paperwork, click Here.

Example # 2

  • The existing roofing system -- a gravel built up roof over 1.5" insulation on a metal deck -- was leaking and had an insurance claim of $55,000 to pour a flood coat of asphalt over the system. This client also had a few bids to install a new roofing system over the top of the old one, all ranging at $70,000. Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. explained that neither solutions were the proper method in fixing a hail damaged, gravel built up roof, but to remove all of the existing roofing system in place down to the metal deck, and then to install the required Energy Code Insulation along with a new roofing system. While this negotiation took over 6 months to complete, giving the insurance company all information they requested until they finally settled, the final claim was set at $230,000.To see the real insurance estimate & paperwork, click Here.

Example # 3

  • The existing roofing system -- PVC atop a felt underlayment roof, and a gravel built up roof with 1.5" insulation on a metal deck underneath -- had significant hail damage that resulted in leaking. The insurance company proposed laying a new roofing system over the other 4, which is a direct violation of building code, at $44,000. Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. was called upon to provide an accurate estimate using Xactimate to the insurance company, a claim that was finalized at $96,000, and install a urethane coating over the entire roof prior to the replacement of the whole system. This damage mitigation is covered under normal insurance policies.To see the real insurance estimate & paperwork, click Here.


The final roofing products installed on the roofs in these examples, all of which got the roof they deserved instead of settling, making these roofs some of the best out there. Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. can directly negotiate with your insurance company for you to do what we have in these examples — getting you the roof you want — by signing an Insurance Allowance Agreement.

The Insurance Allowance Agreement allows Frontier Roofing Systems, Inc. to negotiate directly with your insurance company so as to arrive at the proper specification for your roofing needs, whether that be replacement or repair. On your behalf, we push to get all costs for these specifications covered by your insurance company, including: full cost of your roofing system replacement; upgrades to meet the adopted International Building Codes as well as local city codes; interior damages; any temporary roof repairs to prevent further damage to your property. Frontier Roofing Systems will complete the covered insurance work for the final, approved amount awarded for the insurance claim. 



Here is a testimonial for Example # 1

  • To whom it may concern:Triad Machine Tool Company hired Frontier Roofing Systems to replace the hail damaged roof on our Commercial property. We were very satisfied with both the process and the work performed. Bob and Aaron were exceptional to work with; they were punctual and communicated effectively, keeping us up to date during all phases of the project. After his initial evaluation of our roofs condition, Bob met our insurance representative and walked the roof with him, he took the ball and continued working with the insurance company to get us the best replacement roof system that was as equal to or better than the roof system we had. This involved taking core samples and proving to the insurance company how and why the original roof had been compromised. When it was all approved and we were ready to proceed with the replacement, we met with Bob, Aaron and Jerry who was the lead on our job; they explained the whole process, the materials, schedule, their plan was well organized, and every detail was addressed. The execution of the work was also excellent, they had a good sized crew that showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves. The job was actually completed ahead of schedule and passed the city inspection with zero items needing to be corrected. Triad would again choose Frontier Roofing Systems, and we have no reservations recommending them to anyone who has a roofing need.–Ted Redling, Triad Machine Tool Company


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