14′ tall Vince Lombardi Trophy Replica

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 In honor of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVII birth, Frontier Roofing Systems has constructed a 7 to 1 scale replica of the Vince Lombardi trophy which is granted each year to the winner of the championship game. This trophy was built by FRS staff and resources. It is constructed of galvanized steel exterior with steel and wood inner support structure.

The initial planning of the construction of the trophy began after the Denver Broncos achieved victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, with CAD design commencing shortly thereafter. The design was finalized on the Friday after the AFC championship game with construction beginning the following Saturday morning. After 4 straight days of construction, the Trophy is now nearing completion, with finishing touches being applied on the morning of Wednesday January 29. Frontier Roofing Systems is excited to have completed this project and looks forward to supporting the Denver Broncos in their upcoming Super Bowl appearance against the Seattle Sea-hawks this Sunday.


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